04.07.17 | Content Carl

With Dustin Johnson walking away from the first tee yesterday most of the golf world wished DJ a speedy recovery, but is he really injured or is this another fake out. While I would like to think he has not fallen back into old habits with Dustin you never know. There are a number of rumors swirling around involving everything from PEDs to other players girlfriends and possibly a fight with Wayne Gretzky.

PEDs -- DJ has always been a long hitter and that part of his game has never needed much work, but when you win your last three starts the tours gonna make you piss in a cup. His driving average is up this year, but only by three yards from 313 to 316. The one stat that pops out is his longest drive in 2016 was 397 yards, and so far his longest of 2017 is 428 yards his longest since 2011. We also know that tour is very secretive and there no way that Augusta National would want anything to overshadow the Masters.

Drugs -- It is well known that DJ has had a drug problem in the past, and while he's now a father and we hope he got clean its something that can not be left out of the conversation. This could have lead to the fall or maybe he tested positive again. His past fails include one for weed, in 2009 and two for coke most recently in 2014. His other positive test came in 2012 when he missed a tournament because he had a bad back from "lifting a jet ski."

Cheating -- While I do not think that he could get anyone better than Paulina Gretzky there is a rumor that DJ was caught with another tour player's girlfriend. After he was caught then a fight broke out at the top of the stairs, and at the end of it, DJ is laying at the bottom of them. This rumor was first heard on Pardon My Take and reported by a source close to Smylie Kaufman. Also if your remember this has happened before back in 2014 when he had affairs with two different player's wives, so its highly likely.

The Great One -- The other rumor involving a Gretzky is that Wayne was upset that DJ was about to surpass him in earnings and they also got in a fight at the top of the stairs and DJ took the L. I could also see if DJ was caught with another players girl he could have been beaten up by both of them.

Adidas Coup -- Lastly and probably the least likely theory is that DJ is unhappy with Adidas and his compensation from them. It is rumored that Nike would offer him somewhere in the range of ten million dollars. The easy way out of the contract would be to slip right before a high-profile tournament in his Adidas branded socks. Personally, I do not think that he would blow off a major for a payday but it does make it more realistic that it was an accident and was not planned.

Will the truth come out or will the tour be able to keep it under wraps.