04.06.17 | Content Carl

Leading Off

Lets take a quick trip back to last Sunday to the LPGA's first major of the season. Where a fan emailed the LPGA to report a rules violation on young star Lexi Thompson. Thompson would not be informed until Sunday, and at the time of the assessment she held a three stroke and seemed poised to win her second major at only 22 years old. That was until the news was given to her that she had incorrectly marked her ball on the 17th green the day before, and would be assed a two-stroke penalty for the infraction. So, now she would be only one stroke ahead, but there was also now another two stroke penalty for the fact that her scorecard was incorrectly signed with the new penalty. She would fall back to second place and finish tied for first after 72-holes. In the end she would fall to So Yeon Ryu on the first playoff hole. 

While a lot of people seem to have a problem with the fact a fan was able to report a rules violation from their couch, I think that is fine. This is the games highest level and if they are not held to the rules their then where should they be enforced. The only problem that I see is the second two-stroke penalty that was given for signing a incorrect scorecard. The scorecard she signed at the time was right, and she was more than halfway through her next round before the infraction was even reported to her. That is the only issue that there should be here. She moved her ball and deserves the two-strokes for it, but the scorecard was overkill. Also shoutout to the LPGA for taking down the best young American player on tour and relying on fans to keep their players in line.

Halfway House

This week while the golf world has it's eyes on Augusta this week it seems everybody else has their eyes on Donald Trump and his golf game. So far in his Presidential term he has played sixteen times, a pretty high number considering he has only been in office for ten weeks. The Donald though defends his playing habits by saying these rounds are not merely sport, but he is greasing up the wheels to make some deals. Now I don't want to get too political, but it seems that if you criticize your predecessor for golfing to much you should probably be playing less than he did. Trump though is a complicated and confusing at times public figure. He is one who likes to point to his accomplishments and golf is no exception. He claims to have multiple hole-in-ones, and has reportedly won 17 club championships. That sounds a lot like a certain North Korean Dictator. He will not be playing this weekend however as Chinese "President" Xi Jinping has a great disdain for the game, just another knock against that polluted hell hole. 

Nineteenth Hole

If your weekend plans involve watching the Masters here are a few golf-themed cocktails to wash your pimento cheese sandwiches down with or just drink a beer.


1.75 oz Scotch Whisky

.75 oz Sweet Vermouth

.5 tsp Lemon Juice

1 dash orange bitters

The 2016 Masters saw 3 aces during tournament play bringing the overall total to 27.

Bosom Caresser

2 oz Brandy

1 oz Curaco

1 bar spoon Grenadine

1 Egg Yolk

This was the drink of choice for Bobby Jones and Francis Ouimet.

The John Daly

The alcoholic version of the Arnold Palmer has several variations, but the classic is a mix of lemonade, iced tea and vodka. To make a southern-style JD one substitutes vodka for bourbon and also adds mint. A Happy Gilmore is stronger and uses Everclear, though you probably don't want to pass out during the Masters. Lastly, if you want to head south of the border for a Juan Daly uses tequila. So grip it and sip it.