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Leading Off

NGD17 - It was pretty cool to see so many people in the turf world out there in DC mowing and working on the nation's lawn. Very disappointing to see that all the big golf outlets only cared to tweet were the fancy graphics that We Are Golf made, just another reason why I think this blog is needed. People very rarely consider that they are on top of a living surface that's cared for by some this country's greatest citizens. Here are some of the scenes they could have shown, also that first guys boots are little to clean.

Rule Changes - The USGA and R&A are sending golf back to the stone age with their new addition to the rule book. While other sports adopt technology and increase its usage the new rule will ban infractions that could not have been seen with the naked eye. It also allows players to use "reasonable judgment" when determining the location of things like a ball drop or marking the ball. This whole thing that started back at the LPGA's ANA Inspiration with Lexi Thompson has gotten ridiculously out of hand. The pros should be held to the highest standards possible when on the course. If you are just playing with your friends yeah you should not be calling out misplacements like this but when the putt could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars there should be very little room for error. I think the rule that should have been enacted would deal with the incorrectly signed scorecard. If it is correct when signed there should be no penalty. 

Yeah thats a guy who you would expect to pay his bets.

Yeah thats a guy who you would expect to pay his bets.

Ben Crane -  So it came out on Twitter yesterday from PGA tour player Tom Gillis that Ben Crane has been holding up on paying his bets recently. Specifically, he owes some player $6,000 from a single putting contest. The odd part about all of this is that Gillis isn't the one he owes he just aired him out on Twitter for no reason. Crane really needs to pay up though the guy has over twenty-million dollars in career earnings so this is really just a drop in the bucket for him. The oddest part maybe that Crane wants to play ping pong to lessen the payout.

Halfway House

ESPN - Yesterday was a bad day to be an employee at the worldwide leader in sports. ESPN fired over one hundred employees and for the first time, a large number of them were front facing content producers. It is incredible how far ESPN has fallen and it is really their own fault. They have chosen to die on the hill of social justice. Sports used to be a place where you could escape the real world for a couple of hours. If you turn on sports center, especially at six o'clock, you're going to get a heavy slant to the left. I do not have a problem with talking heads giving their political opinions, but they have cut off anything from the other side. I believe that if you are going to give a take you should have something from both sides of the spectrum. It is also an interesting move to layoff the staff that covers hockey in the middle of the NHL playoffs.

Side note: if you were fired from ESPN and are looking for work we have an unpaid internship for you.

Out of Bounds

K-Sig - Well Costco got their Kirkland Signature balls back in stock yesterday and the stockpile lasted less than a day. I guess I will have to get mine from the pond. Seriously though we were able to get a box and we are going to spread the love via a giveaway on Twitter. Also, these balls are really just TaylorMade's that are only sold in Europe, so stay woke Costco isn't developing their own technology. By the way, some other premium rebrands by Kirkland is that their Vodka is made at the same place as Grey Goose. Their beer though is a major no go unless you lack taste buds.

19th Hole

I've got nothing this week just have a beer.

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