04.20.17 | Content Carl

Leading Off

For better or worse he's the world's most famous assistant greenskeeper and his famous "Carl Spackler's Bent." I am not sure though how a hybrid mix of Kentucky Bluegrass, Featherbed Bent, Northern California Sinsemilla can get you a buzz, it's probably just all of the cannonballs. It would be interesting to know if his six-year plan ever worked out. If not maybe he could become a professional shirt folder aka a golf pro.

Over in the caddy shack though it looks like Danny's on the right track. As long he stays out of a lumber yard.

Halfway House 

If your looking to proudly show your smoking habits on the course there is a surprising number of companies out there ready to take your money.  Some of the items though are atrociously loud. Other pieces though look like this nice embroidered belt from J.T. Spencer ($85). You may want to think twice though about where your where this belt. While the vast majority of the country has positive views on pot and its recreational use now of days. Among golfers, the numbers are skewed differently especially when talking about it's on the course. To get a better understanding take a look at the results of a survey from Golf Digest. Policies though see  likely to change though as more members of the younger generation join clubs.


Off the Course

This time year college football generally does not produce many interesting storylines outside of a feel good moment at a spring game or some player getting arrested. Oklahoma State though broke the seal releasing photos of their championship rings. The championship that they were commemorating was their win in the Valero Alamo Bowl 38-8 win over Colorado. Which makes the ring truly interesting besides the fact that schools even give them out for these things out for any minor accomplishment is in their design. The rings proudly state their record for 2016 as 11-2, expect they lost three games finishing 10-3. It was not a mistake either, Mike Gundy still has not gotten over his team's loss to Central Michigan thanks to a blown call by the refs. It was so bad the crew was suspended for two weeks after the incident. It is still a pretty bold move to create a couple hundred bowl rings with the wrong record on them. 

19th Hole

Alcohol that has THC in is rarely available for sale thanks to regulations. There still are a number of craft beers though that are brewed using either cannabis or hemp. Based out of Colorado Dude's Brews released General Washington's Secret Stash IPA nationwide. Becuase of it nationwide release it won't get you high through each beer contains 4 milligrams of cannabinoids I have no idea what that means though.

If your looking for something a little stronger two distillers out on the west coast make infused vodkas. They reportedly offer the health benefits of pot, but that's probably canceled out by the vodka.

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