04.18.17 | Content Carl

Last week we saw lots of reckless destruction. After this week's edition of RTT I am now convinced that someone is going to die on the course this summer. 

I would also really like to know what this first guys plan was. How are you going to jump a cart if you can only get one wheel on you "ramp". At least he's wrecking the cart onto the cart path and not the fairway.

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If you are jumping a cart you got to put it in neutral or keep your foot on the gas. This dumb-ass clearly has not been on the course for very long.

When you go in for the make out and she says you're just friends

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Im kinda glad this guy will not be reproducing. Also, thanks for not taking a divot on this swing.

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Why do you have an iron out on what looks like a par-5? There is no way they replaced that divot. I do respect the club throw at the guy who talked in his backswing though.

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That tee box though is a mess hit in a straight line, please.

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