04.13.17 | Content Carl

Leading Off

McDonald's is one the world's most well-known companies and has sold billions of cheeseburgers, and some people love them so much they are willing to defy the law to get them. Most of the time that probably involves drinking. In this case, though it involves two siblings with combined age that adds up to 12. The incident went down earlier this week in Ohio when police pulled over an eight-year-old driving his four-year-old sister to the drive thru to get a burger at around 8:00 pm. The young driver apparently learned how to operate his parent's mini-van by watching videos on YouTube. Witnesses reported that he stayed in his lane, used his signals, obeyed speed limits, and stopped at traffic lights. He sounds like a better driver than most people on the road who have a license. The siblings though never got to McDonlad's, which is a 1/2 mile from their house. After being stopped by the police they were later picked up by their grandparents. No Charges were filed. All in all, I'm pretty impressed the kid could operate the car that well for his first time driving, I just wish the cops would have picked him up a cheeseburger on the way to the station. 

Halfway House

As I am sure you have likely seen SB2K17 is well underway now down at Baker's Bay down in the Bahamas and I think they may have found the answer to golf's pace of play issue.

That's a power move there naming you mega-yacht "Winning" to bad though that none of the boys could get anything done at Augusta.

For the second year in a row they also left out golf's international champion Gary Player, but it looks like he's doing just fine. 

19th Hole

While I generally despise those who brag about running, and especially if you put it on the back of your car. The one person that I'll tolerate is Emmet Farnan. Who became my new favorite distance runner the second I found this video. You see while normal runners chug water during a half marathon (13.1 miles) Farnan wanted a little more from his beverage. Which for this race was 13 Coors Lights that he shotgunned every mile of the race. Surprisingly he finished in under two hours at a time of 1:43. The time splits for the shotguns pretty impressive as well averaging just over 3 seconds to down 12 oz of colorado gold. The low came at mile nine when he did it in just 2.75 seconds. The high time was at mile 12 when he doubled his average a finished it in 6.175 seconds. He rebounded though and did the last shotgun in just over four seconds. I don't think I could even walk straight after 13 beers in less than two hours let alone run sub-eight-minute miles.