03.09.17 | Content Carl


Clippings is a weekly roundup that will be released every Thursday and cover any range of topics that we want to talk about that occurred since the previous posting.

Leading Off

Snap Chat -- After its IPO made its co-founders multi-billionares, $5.5 billion each, and showed how smart they were to turn down the $3 billion dollar offer from Facebook three years ago. Recently though they have been in some hot water for racist filters that came out for Internation Women's Day that allowed anyone to impose Rosa Parks and Frida Kahlo among other over the users face. They received a major backlash from social justice warriors who were triggered by this virtual black face post that they saw. That came after their stock collapsed back to its IPO price less a week after it launched and nearly doubled, but what would you expect from a app built for sending dirty messages.

Golden State -- It seems that Warriors time in the lime-light maybe over. Since Durant went down with a leg injury they have been struggling. Maybe this will finally end the convergence of star power in the league and we will return to a time when Basketball was fun to watch and more then four teams had a legit shot at the title. 

Halfway House

As it is Conference Tournament week around the NCAA I thought I'd give you a quick recap of the conferences with this years major players.

Big Ten Basketball -- The Big Ten's first dance in D.C. is getting off to a interesting start. After moving it from the traditional championship location of Indy the first night of action saw Flavor Flav attendance to watch his cousin play for Penn State which blew a lead and then upset Nebraska in OT to advance and face of against Michigan State. On the same day Michigan's plane slid of the runway, luckily no one was hurt, but it left the team without a travel option until Thursday mourning and they play at noon. The second plane got them to D.C. without a hitch but they their luggage couldn't make it off the first plane and they had to play in practice jerseys. If you ask me this is just maybe the start of Big Ten's curse of adding sub-par Maryland and Rutgers.

The Big East -- Is the Big East back? Villanova winning last year and then Wednesday night we get a scuffle that took us back to 1985. 

The ACC -- The ACC is at crossroads what use to be America's primer Basketball conference saw unprecedented success on the Football field when Clemson won the National Championship and Louisville's Lamar Jackson won the Heisman Trophy. Now playing there conference tourney in Greensboro, North Carolina the biggest news is the local twitter account getting into a Twitter war with Jim Bohiem of Syracuse, and Im going to side with him. Greensboro where the hell is that. The ACC is basically cucked by the Big Ten coming in a taking D.C. from them and sending the ACC out to the sticks.

19th Hole

The 19th hole is a weekly food or drink segment that will cover the new, outrageous, or just insanely delicious looking item on the interwebs.

This week I bring you fried chicken that you can make at home or just go visit the KFC.