03.30.17  | Content Carl

Leading Off

There is a picture thats been circulating recently of two girls, 56-boxes of mac n' cheese in a bathtub, and while it may sound like another viral video involving a cup its nothing of the sort. The seemingly harmless photoshoot set up by these college students has created a social media firestorm of online hate from SJW angry about the wasted food. They should probably have checked themselves first though considering the average American wastes $1,500 worth of food a year. Also I do not think that mac n' cheese is the most nutritional or filling food.

Staying in school fox news sent its camera crews down to Spring Break to show America what it already knows that college kids like to drink. The reaction from Sean Hannity is pretty humorous, he must have been a fun guy in school.

Halfway House

Tiger Alert: According to Brandel Chamblee Tiger is practicing diligently to get ready for the Masters. While I would love to see him just make a cut he has not won since 2013, and has only finished one tournament this year. His last competitive round was a 77 that was followed by a medical withdraw. If some will take it I would bet money on him teeing it up in Augusta next week. His last public exhibition was one GMA if you want a visual update (putting starts around 4:00).

Other news around the Master's field includes Dustin Johnson withdrawing from the Shell Houston Open after his WGC win to get some rest. The field overall this year will be 95-golfers and it is currently at 94 including Woods. The last way in is to win this week in Houston. The last time the field was in triple digits was in 1966 at 103 players.

19th Hole

Recently stumbled across this guy on YouTube who recreates food from famous TV shows. So far I think that my favorite might have to be his recreations from Always Sunny. In the video he recreates rum ham, riot juice, milk steak, and more. I'm definitely going to have to make some riot juice this summer.

For those looking for March Madness news or picks I'm down, maybe next year I'll figure it out.