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Arnold Palmer

As the Arnold Palmer Invitational starts tommorrow, I thought it was necessary to give a tip of the cap to the Legend who is Arnold Palmer.

Mr. Palmer has a resume deep enough to fill a bunker, and as I’m sure some of those reading this have seen Golf Channel’s three-part series “Arnie”, this blog is not meant to list all of the aspects of life Mr. Palmer has excelled in. Rather this has been written to explain why his attributes and the way he lived life made him a role model for me and many others.

The United States Coast Guard

Signing on in 1951, Mr. Palmer explained that joining was a means to “get away” when tragedy struck. His best friend and college roommate at Wake Forest was killed in an automobile accident.  Since his service, Mr. Palmer has been a strong advocate that young Americans should join the service. He credits his success in life to the lessons that he learned during his time with the Coast Guard. “The knowledge that I gained, the maturity that I gained in the Coast Guard was unbelievable. It matured me,”

When Mr. Palmer left the guard to pursue PGA Tour dreams the service lost a great member, but the golfing world gained a legend. “All the things that the Coast Guard did I thought were very exciting and [if I had] stayed longer I probably would have gone into the flying end of the Coast Guard,” said Palmer, a well-known aviation buff who flew himself to tournaments for decades. “And, what they’re doing now if you watch some of the shows that are on television I think that’s specifically one of the reasons I like the Coast Guard so much.”

The Family Man

Mr. Palmer learned golf from his father Deacon Palmer who suffered from polio, and its effects for all of his life. Arnold learned more from Deacon than just golf he embodied the family man attribute through his everyday actions. Whether it be responding to anyone who wrote to him in search of guidance with a hand written note, and paying for the return postage a sum that often total a couple thousand dollars. He also carried on the tradition of game teaching his grandson Sam Saunders, now a professional golfer, how to play the game with a similar intensity and compassion. Mr. Palmer was always family first and that is sometimes overlooked by the distractions in today’s world.

 The Business Man

            Mr. Palmer oozed success both on and off the golf course, and was the first big star of the sports marketing industry. One of his biggest claim to fame is his drink of choice “The Arnold Palmer” of which Arizona beverage company makes over 400 million cans a year. Aside from his tournament success, Arnie has left his mark on the golf course he “fell in love with” Bay Hill. Arnold has forever changed one of the greatest golf territories that is Orlando, Florida with his signature golf course.


ESPN 30 for 30 Short on the Arnold Palmer drink Hosted by Will Arnett.

The Champion Golfer

You certainly do not need me to tell you anything about, and if your not familiar just go buy a Arnold Palmer. Also Arizona feel free to send us a case