03.16.17 | Content Carl

Leading Off

This week was pretty tame in terms of news Rachel Madow had the potential for the biggest bomb but instead just showed Trump had and paid a tax rate of 25% in 2005. So following up on last weeks "Ball Talk" I will try to steal some of Bob's Betting thunder.

Villanova -- The Wildcats not nearly as big of wildcard to win this year as they were last year, but while experienced this is also a different team. Lead by Josh Hart and three other seniors the Wildcats are heavy with experience especially after their run last year which make me like them a lot and with 8/1 odds to win it all the payout is pretty decent.

Dayton -- The Flyers are coming to dance this year in a similar spot to Villanova while they did not have anywhere near as big of a run as 'Nova they have a lot of experience. They also currently sit at 200/1 odds which is unreal for a squad that is poised to make a run to at least the Elite Eight and once there anything can happen.

Middle Tennessee State -- Its too late now too bet, as the odds shifted. but if your filling out your brackets this should be a easy first round uspset to help give your bracket an early lead. MTSU is the first 12-seed to be favored since 1999.

See my full bracket below, and bet it at you own risk.

Halfway House

There is more than just basketball happening though this week.

The Bachelor -- As the season came to an end this past Monday Im sure you saw the headlines as Nick choose Vanessa over Raven in the least dramatic finale ever. I still think though they have zero chance at making it as a couple and that Nick is just human garbage going on his fourth reality TV show as he is on the upcoming season of 'Dancing with the Stars'.

Workaholics -- In terms of what was good to watch this week the series finale of 'Workaholics' aired Wednesday and it did not disappoint.  Spoiler Alert:  The episode was a parody of the show as whole and saw Blake shave his head, Ders became a suicidal alcoholic, and Adam was Adam. Other notables where appearances by Raffi and Andrea from 'The League' as supporting characters.

Ricky Fowler -- Was going to try not mention AP in this blog as Bob has blowing up the site with content about him, but when I saw this I just had to. So far during practice rounds at Bay Hill Ricky Fowler has been rocking Arnold Palmer tribute shoes. Normally I would have no problem and even loved when Antonio Brown put The King on cleats for a game this past season. The thing that ticked me off though was the style of show on Fowler's feet, he is rocking those ugly ass high tops still. Come on man show The King some respect especially on his soil.

19th Hole

This week in food and beverage I introduce to the newest look for America's oldest brewery. Yeungling, the Pennsylvania classic, is updating its packing for the first in more than three decades. The new look has been dubbed "Iconic Eagle Packaging" and to be honest it is a great look for a classic beer and will bring it into the modern area of beer packaging. The new look bottles and cans will be on the shelves starting in April.